We have a wide range of membership options available for coworking. As a Cloud39 Member, you’ll get access to shared office coworking facilities + our network, VIP invites to our family friendly events as well as exclusive member only rates for Out of School Care, Holiday Programs and Quality Childcare.

  • Day Pass

    Standard day pass or drop-in plan to use any of our flexi-desk / hot desks. Recommended for visitors and casual users.

  • Weekly/Monthly Pass

    Weekly or Monthly plan with access to any of our desks, including our dedicated electric sit/stand desks with ergo chairs which allows Members to access the space during operating hours.

  • School Hours Only

    Monthly plan which allows Members to access the space during school hours only. Note: This plan is deactivated during school holidays. Recommended for working parents and mums and dads in business with young children in Childcare and School.

  • Private Offices

    Collaborate with your own team inside one of our private office suites and continue to get all other CLOUD39 shared space community benefits.